How far can I go on a charge?

All ebikes are a little different, but most street legal bikes sold in the U.S. have ranges that vary between 20 to 50 miles.  A couple examples would be the Daymak Beast has a range of about 20 miles.  Any Polaris E-bike model will have a range between 25 to 30 miles depending on the model.  Quiet Kats have an option to add a second battery in their compartments so range on Quiet Kat models can vary between 20 to 50 miles depending on the battery complement.  Now these are estimates only, and while they are fairly acurate, your milage may vary depending on the type of terrain your riding on, headwind, the weight of the rider, and drag (if you have a trailer connected to the bike).  

What is the expected life of a battery?

A battery's life is measured in charge cycles.  Of all the E-bikes we sell their battery life is in the range of 500-1000 charge cycles depending on the model.  To look at this from the aspect of how many years of use you can feasably get.  If you are charging your battery every third day you can expect a battery with a life of 500 cycles to last 4 to 5 years.  Another example would be on a 48 volt Quiet Kat Electric Trike, it's expected battery life is 20,000 to 25,000 miles. 

Do I have to put the bike together when I purchase it?

All of our bikes come to you pre-assembled, and we check to make sure everything is adjusted correctly.  We verify all bolts and connectors are tight and that their are no defects.  When you purchase an electric bike from Rush Outdoor Gear be rest assured you are getting a quality product that works just as the manufacturer intends.

Is it hard to get parts?

You can purchase any replacement parts you need for any product we sell directly through our store, we can guarantee the best price as we can purchase directly from the manufacturer.  If you are looking for a different saddle, or wanting to accessorize or customize your bike, we have a small selection of products to choose from.  Most models that we sell use common mountain bike or motorcycle parts, which can be purchased from numerous retailers.

What is the typical warranty term?

The warranty terms on products that we sell range from 30 days (overall) on Motopeds (the individual parts that make up the Motopeds have different warranty periods).  To 1 to 2 years on electric bikes, depending on the model.  Most of the electric bikes have lifetime warranties on their frames.  It all depends on the model your interested in and the parts that make up the bike itself.  

What are the licencing requirements for Motopeds?

In the state of Utah, any bike that has a motor of less than 50cc that is rated under 25 mph is considered a motorized bicycle.  With that said all of the 49cc Motoped models we sell are already street legal!  No license, registration, insurance, endorsement necessary, you can even ride them in the bike lanes!  Anything above 50cc (all of the 125cc Motopeds) is treated as a motorcycle, and requires registration, licensing, and a motorcycle endorsement.  If you wanted to ride a 125cc Motoped on the streets you would need to put a light kit on it.      

Can I ride any of your products on state or federal land?

Its a loaded question to be sure.  All street legal E-bikes in the state of Utah (those that have a speed of less than 28 mph) are considered bicycles.  All of the E-bikes that we sell (with the exception of the Beast D) are street legal, and can be taken on State land including non-motorized trails.  This is thanks to SB121 that was passed through the 2016 legislative session and was just signed into law a couple months ago by our governor.  Laws vary state by state, so know the law before you ride.  Federal law still considers E-bikes to be motorized vehilces, so they can only be taken on federal lands where allowed.  Motopeds are considered motorized vehicles and can only be ridden where allowed by state and federal law.  

What is the range of a Motoped?

All 49cc Motopeds get 135 miles to the gallon.  The tank on a Motoped is a little over a gallon, so you can expect to travel between 125 to 150 miles to the tank, depending on the terrain.  125cc models get 90 miles to the gallon, so you can expect between 85 to 115 miles to the tank.  

What kind of Maintenance is required for E-Bikes?

There is very little maintenance required for most E-bikes that we sell.  You will need to do tune ups on an E-bike (adjusting the derailer, brakes, and oiling the chain) just like you would on a regular bike.  You will need to condition the battery every so often (completely discharging the battery and completely charging it).  E-bikes have storage requirements when not using them to ensure the battery and other components are kept in optimum condition.  When you purchase an E-Bike from Rush Outdoor Gear we will go over the requirements for the particular model that you purchase.  A reqular maintenance schedule is included in each bikes' owners manual as well.