Rush Outdoor Gear was founded on the concept of offering high quality trail tested gear for the adventurer in all of us.  We wanted to separate ourselves from our competitors by offering a slimmed down line of products to suit your needs with prices that won’t break the bank.  Whether you need a new pair of boots for that hike, or that new e-bike you've had your eye on for your next jount up the mountain, we have you covered.  We can set you up for whatever trail life is taking you down. Our selection of bikes will cover everyone’s needs, whether you crave the dirt and trees or the concrete and paved streets

Why we do it

E-bikes are an exciting new way to get around, whether its urban sprawl, your college campus, or the great outdoors!  Over the last decade there have been great advancements in the industry and e-bikes have been gaining popularity all over the world.  With their ease of use, function, and enviromental sustainability.  It’s easy to see why more and more people are using e-bikes.  Whether you’re a hunter, lover of all things outdoors, or perhaps just want a better way to commute around town, we also offer the full line of Quiet Kat and Back Country e-bikes.  All models we sell are made with high quality components, and accommodate a number of accessories.  E-bikes let you leave your mark on the road or trail without worrying about leaving your mark on the planet.  Still feel like burning gas?  We carry Motopeds as well.  Think of a Motoped like a moped on steroids!  These awesome machines sip gas, you can get up to 135 miles to the gallon on one.  Not to mention they are a total blast to ride!  Come down and test one out today, know the difference only an e-bike can make.  We have models available to meet everyone's needs.

Quiet Kat, Back Country eBikes, and Motoped are some of the popular e-bike brands we carry in our Utah dealership. These environmentally friendly all terrain vehicles are a great source of transportation whether you are trailing the mountains or hunting in the back country.  Electric bikes are perfect for students who want an easy way to get around campus, or just for general transportation. It’s easy, affordable and you’ll be saving the planet without giving too much thought to it. The great thing about the Back Country eBike, Motoped, and Quiet Kat off-road vehicles is they can either be throttle driven or pedaled with assistance from the motor. Ride e-bikes in Salt Lake City and leave your mark on the road or trail without worrying about leaving your mark on the planet.

As a premiere e-bike dealer we can help many Utah college students get around easier. Since many college campuses are very large, getting from one class to another may be hard just by walking. Finding a proper source of transportation can be tricky in Salt Lake City, but with our selection of Back Country eBikes, Quiet Kat and Motoped e-bikes you can find exactly what you are looking for.  Not only is it efficient, but it is fun to roam around on your electric powered off-road vehicle with complete ease and comfort.

A Quiet Kat or Back Country eBike off road vehicle dealer can greatly enhance the hunting experience.  They are compact, with high-quality components and can accommodate a number of accessories such as gun racks and saddle bags. You won’t have to shoulder all your equipment when using a Back Country eBike, Quiet Kat or Motoped e-bike, and it’ll make your hunting experience more productive, as electric bikes are silent and emit no smells that may alert your prey.

Rush Outdoor Gear, your premiere e-bike dealer in Utah is the place for adventure! Shop right on our website to view our selection of Back Country eBike, Quiet Kat, and Motopeds, or come visit us at our Salt Lake City showroom.